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Welcome to After Dark Radio!
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After Dark Radio, The official Blaq Dot podcast, an open platform for me to display my real passion and love for Electronic Dance Music, better known as EDM!

After Dark was originally launched in 2010 as OSA After Dark, a part of the expanded programming of my once Digital Mindfield Radio. As the show was coming up on it's first year anniversary in 2011 [dj] ::analogue: : joined the show to change things up and the OSA was dropped from the title and the show was taken to another level as [dj] ::analogue:: put his amazing twist of Deep, Tech and Electro House to the show.

And in 2012 when I decided to close DMR, After Dark was moved to it's own channel to keep it's hype going, but unfortunately for After Dark, 2012 was also a really busy and thriving year for my Blaq Dot project and After Dark had to go on the back burner for a bit to allow my new project to grow a bit.

Jumping ahead to June of 2013, after a short hiatus I was finally at a good steady place where I could bring back After Dark via podcast on a monthly basis. And although the show is only back on a monthly schedule, the show is thriving like never before and the audience reach has tripled if not more, not to mention it's now available on 6 different networks aside from it's actual webpage here on my Blaq Dot website...

I've always done my best to bring you only the best electronic dance music from all over  the world. From artists you know and some that you are still discovering.  And as the show continues to push forward, After Dark Radio is not only going to continue to deliver your favorite artists and songs, but bring back some of your favorites that have not been forgotten!

After Dark has come a long way from it's start in 2010 and it is a big accomplishment that I'm very proud of. For all the latest updates, be sure to check out After Dark Radio on Facebook or Twitter. If you have any questions or requests, feel free to email afterdarkradio@yahoo.com.

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